Mark Smigiel provides representation and counsel to individuals in a variety of non personal injury related litigation matters. This ranges from individuals seeking an injunction to stop a foreclosure sale, unlawful termination, violations of the Deceptive Trade Practices Act, representation of sole proprietorships and small businesses in business related disputes to serving as personal counsel to physicians who have been sued.


Injunctive Relief


Injunctive relief is available under Texas law in a variety of circumstances to have a court immediately order a stop to certain conduct or action. For example, if your home is wrongly the target of a foreclosure sale or you need a little more time to arrange a mortgage payment, you may have options to stop or delay the sale. If you are a small business and need to enforce a non-compete agreement against an ex-employee, or are an ex-employee and a company is wrongly seeking to enforce a non-compete agreement, contact the Law Office of Mark Smigiel to discuss your options.


Employment Claims


Have you been fired? Are you going to be fired? Are you being discriminated against by your employer? Were you fired after being injured on the job? Contact the Law Office of Mark Smigiel to protect your rights if you have suffered age discrimination, sexual harassment, race discrimination, gender discrimination, national origin discrimination, religious discrimination, termination for filing a worker’s compensation claim or termination for refusal to do an illegal act.


Deceptive Trade Practices Act


The Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act is designed to protect consumers against false, misleading and deceptive business practices, unconscionable actions and breaches of warranty. Typical scenarios where the DTPA applies is in the context of the purchase of goods or services, such as automotive repair service. If a business has mislead you or engaged in misleading or deceptive practices, contact the Law Office of Mark Smigiel to assess your rights.


Business Disputes


If you are a small business involved in a business dispute, contact the Law Office of Mark Smigiel to discuss options and strategies to solve your problem.


Personal Counsel for Physicians


Mark Smigiel serves as personal counsel to physicians who have been sued in medical malpractice cases and are being represented by defense counsel hired by their malpractice insurance carrier. El Paso is fortunate to have several excellent medical malpractice defense attorneys. However, because of the stakes involved and for peace of mind, it may be helpful to have personal counsel experienced in medical malpractice litigation to turn to during the course of the lawsuit to more fully understand the process. This service is not intended to supplant or interfere with the role of defense counsel and is therefore typically completely confidential with the client the only person aware of the relationship.


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